Thursday, October 28, 2021

Hannah Miley: A Letter to my 12-Year-Old Self

Triple Olympian and Multiple Commonwealth Games Medallist Hannah Miley writes a letter to her 12-year-old self, as part of Scottish Women & Girls in Sport Week.

"Dear 12-year-old Hannah,

There are so many things I want to say right now but I don’t want to overwhelm you.

Remember how you couldn’t wait to turn 8, the first time you could go to a swimming pool without adult supervision? You felt so grown up and confident playing in the water with your friends, fearless in the pool. You were born to be a racer, that competitive streak will serve you well, hold on to it!

You will learn to harness it in a way that will bring you fun, friendship and opportunities. Sometimes you will come away with medals, other times you won’t.

Remember it’s not always about winning! You win something far more valuable which in time you learn to value even more – self-worth, honest effort, and happiness.

Travelling the world and making friends for life is just up ahead, embrace it. You will visit different countries and many different cultures, and your eyes will widen in amazement – just remember to always pack your sun cream as it’s normally much sunnier than in Scotland, but you will always love and appreciate coming home.

Setbacks will happen, trust your instinct to figure out a way, but never be afraid to ask for help.

All this will happen because you got in a pool and trusted and believed in yourself. The journey is good one, I promise.

Love Hannah (present day) x"