Sunday, December 12, 2021

Macinnes well on road to recovery after surgery

Less than three months after having surgery to remove her appendix, Keanna Macinnes looked to be well on the way to recovery, with victory in the 200m butterfly on the final day of action from the Scottish Winter Short Course Meet in Edinburgh.

Following a strong heat swim, Macinnes (University of Stirling), was in the centre lane, however, it was Ciara Schlosshan (Edinburgh University) who took the race out from the front but little separated the two. Macinnes timed her charge to perfection and with a strong final turn, moved ahead, taking the touch in 2:08.30. Schlosshan was second in 2:09.31 with Yasmin Perry, University of Aberdeen Performance, coming home for third in 2:11.58.

Macinnes said of her performance,

“I’m quite happy with that. I’m not fully back to proper training yet and this morning was a really good swim as well, which is unusual for me!

“I had appendicitis during just before match 3 of ISL in Naples and had surgery when I was out there. I have just done a slow build back into training and I’m not quite there yet, but I do feel that was a very good swim.

“Aside from the appendicitis, ISL was a really enjoyable experience. I was part of Tokyo Frog Kings and I particularly liked the whole team ethos and getting to know people from other cultures. And it all really went towards wanting to race fast for your team and I think I definitely had some very good swims for the team.”

Speaking about the season ahead and the prospect of more international competitions, Macinnes said,

“I do think I’m far more settled in, compared to when I was doing age group training. There’s a lot more science behind my training now and I feel I understand more what’s going to be happening, and I’m more experienced around race strategy so it is a bit less unpredictable than it might have been a few years ago. I’m looking forward to seeing what I can do.”

Edinburgh University’s Kara Hanlon secured a brace of breaststroke golds, winning the 100m event in a new personal best time of 1:06.63. Her Edinburgh team-mate, Erin Robertson, was second in 1:08.47, while University of Stirling’s Anna Morgan was third in 1:09.34.

Hanlon said of her performance,

“I had a bit of a wonky second turn there, but I pulled it back and ended up with a PB, which was nice, as the last time I PB’d in the event was back here in 2019. I’m pretty chuffed.”

Speaking about the work she has to put in for short course, she said,

“The best part of my swimming, is my actual swimming which is why long course suits me better. I’m not that big an athlete so I don’t carry too much momentum coming in off the dive as other people, but I’m trying to work on my dives and turns as much as possible and get as little resistance as I can coming off those walls. It’s something that I’m just going to have to keep working at. But, as long as I’m putting out consistently first places, and pushing myself out in front and away from the rest of the field, the more confident I become and that can only be a good thing.

Edinburgh’s Stephen Clegg rounded off a very successful weekend breaking more S12 world record times in the 100m butterfly (55.37) and 100m backstroke (57.32). Clegg said of his form,

“I’m really pleased. I always come into a meet expecting high standards from myself. Training has been really relaxed with my coaches Mat and Chris being really good with me coming out of Tokyo. My focus is to make sure that I’m getting back to enjoying swimming, enjoying training which I really have been of late, and that’s translating into the competition pool.

“It’s hard to say but Tokyo was a disappointment overall because I went there to win a specific race and I fell short of that by a very small margin. It was quite difficult to come back at first and that’s where my coach has been really good with me. I’m not focussed too much on the butterfly, just because mentally I need a bit of a break from it. But I’m still staying fit, and still staying in touch with swimming, working a lot more technically than anything else, and mental head space plays much more an important part in the competition pool than some people realise.”

In other events, Callum Melville (Nova Centurion) broke his second British Junior Record of the Meet finishing in a time of 2:12.89 for 200m breaststroke. Yesterday he broke the record in the 100m event posting a time of 1:00.47. Angus Allison (University of Stirling) secured the medley double winning the 200m IM, while Edinburgh University’s Nick Quinn swam his last competitive race in the 200m breaststroke final, where he finished second behind fellow countryman Uiseann Cooke.

Full results can be found on the Swim Scotland website.

All sessions can be viewed on YouTube via our Live Steam

The Scottish Winter Short Course Meet is taking place at the Royal Commonwealth Pool in Edinburgh between 10th – 12th December.