Friday, December 3, 2021

Update on Technical Swimsuits

Back in October, Scottish Swimming shared the rationale behind the decision to prohibit the use of technical swimsuits for swimmers aged 13 and under in swimming competition in Scotland, and feedback on the use of non-FINA labelled suits was invited.

Feedback has now been received, and while there is wide support around the principles of the decision, there is concern around the availability of non-FINA labelled suits.

Our main concern was around the use of expensive technical/compression suits for a young age group where competition and racing should focus less on results and more on the learning process, training outcomes and the enjoyment of the sport and competition. However, we are aware that FINA labels are now on the majority of knee-length suits (male & female), regardless of whether they are technical/compression suits or not, and the ability to purchase alternatives is limited.

Taking the above into account and having listened to the feedback provided by parents, swimmers and coaches, Scottish Swimming will delay plans to ban knee-length technical/compression FINA-labelled suits for those aged 13 & under, which was due to be applied on 1st January 2022, to the start of the new swimming season, on 1st September 2022.

FINA logoed suits will NOT now be the defining factor on which suits can be worn and during the 7 month period leading in to the implementation of the ban, there will be a focus on providing information and engagement opportunities with all involved to ensure better understanding and recognition of which suits can or cannot be used under the new policy.

Further details will follow in the New Year.