Sunday, June 19, 2022

Awesome Aberdeen clubs deliver on final day of British Masters

Aberdeen clubs stole the show on the last day of the British Masters Championships, with two local clubs in the top three of the team trophy.

Silver City Blues were the overall winners of the Cupar trophy, with 404 points, ahead of their friendly local rivals Aberdeen Dolphin, who scored 278, and placed third.

The Blues, who were also victorious in April’s Scottish Short Course Masters Championships, held a fairly comfortable lead going into the last day of competition – just over 100 points ahead.

They held their lead on the last day – continuing their impressive relay form, which stood them in good stead over the course of the weekend on home soil.

Silver City Club President, Jenny Brown said: “It’s been such a privilege to have this event in our home city and great to see the two local teams doing so well. Having two teams performing at such a great level is fantastic as it will hopefully inspire and encourage people to come and participate in Masters and having an event like this just helps showcase what we have in the city.

“It’s been a difficult couple of years for Silver City, as with all clubs, because of Covid restrictions, but it’s great to be back competing, back on poolside, and celebrating the success of this weekend,”

She added: “We welcome swimmers of all ages and abilities, so if anyone is considering getting into Masters swimming I would just encourage you to get in touch with us, and we can invite you along for a trial session and see how it suits you.”

Aberdeen Dolphin Swim Club, who boast a younger contingent of swimmers than most clubs at the meet, showed up strongly too, with a welcomed third place in the overall team standings.

David Smith, Head Coach of Senior Performance, and swimmer at Aberdeen Dolphin, was thrilled for his swimmers and clubmates.

He said: “It’s been great, the guys are pulling out times that we weren’t really expecting after some time off – so I’m well pleased about how they are performing. I’m a little surprised we were in the top two at the beginning of the day. We have quite a young demographic compared to some of the other clubs so it’s great from that perspective.

“I’m a big advocate that nobody has ever reached their peak! Everyone has their own personal goals and I’ll continually work to make sure that they are being achieved. And most of the time they are being reached.”

David added: “It’s fantastic to have this event here. I love racing at ASV - It’s weird to say, but it’s one of the fastest pools in the country. We have a great friendly rivalry with Silver City, with us trading the team title at the Scottish Masters over the past few years. We’re hoping to keep on building that and growing Masters swimming in Aberdeen, with both clubs doing so well.”

Eddie Riach, Chair of the Scottish Swimming Masters Committee, was delighted about the way the meet had gone.

He said: “It’s gone well. I think all the visitors that have come have enjoyed it. I know that there’s been some trouble with the journey for some, but the number of records that have been broken are really encouraging. Because of the two-year gap out with Covid, a lot of people haven’t had the opportunity to measure themselves competitively, so the amount of records is fantastic.

“The atmosphere round the pool has been fantastic too, the community and the camaraderie is there for all to see, especially in the relays – there have been so many relays!”

Speaking of the challenges facing Masters Swimming, Eddie said: “You can see that the sport is growing, and the number of swimmers are growing – and that’s without us really having anything in place to do that. It just shows that the potential is there, and how you would be able to grow the membership. The challenge is going to be supplying enough water time and club space.

“Silver City and Aberdeen Dolphins fought for the team trophy at the Scottish, and they have the home advantage here, but both clubs done fantastically well at attracting swimmers. Silver City In particular, I know one of the swimmers, who hadn’t been swimming for years, and she had 8 heat swims! So, it’s great to see people wanting to get involved and swim”


British Records:

Preston (Thomas Gilroy, Dean Heaps, Stephen Marshall, Luke Pool), 4x100m Men’s Medley Relay, Men’s 100-119, 4:08.07

City of Sheffield (Timothy Gleeson, Ian Swift, Jamie McHale, Jonathan Saunders), 4x100m Men’s Medley Relay, 4:32.81

Alyson Fordham (Bishop Stortford), 65-69, 200m Freestyle, 2:43.59

Julie Hoyle (Harrogate), 60-64, 200m Freestyle, 2:29.95

Karen Graham (Harrogate), 55-59, 200m Freestyle, 2:24.20

Michael Hodgson (Woking), 55-59, 50m Breaststroke, 31:87

Nicola Latty (Holywell), 50-54, 100m Butterfly, 1:11.81

Elizabeth Woolner (Team Anglia), 55-59, 100m Butterfly, 1:12.77

Alec Johnson (Trafford Metro), 60-64, 100m Butterfly, 1:08.16

Michael Hodgson (Woking), 55-59, 100m Butterfly, 1:03.37

Nicola Latty (Holywell), 50-54, 800m Freestyle, 10:11.25


European Records:

Gateshead & Whickham (Nuala Muir-Cochrane, Verity Dobbie, Judith Pearson, Joan Edwards), Women’s 4x100m Freestyle Relay, Women’s 240+, 5:37,27

Greg Kahn (Spencer), 100m Backstroke (in relay), 50-54 1:03.48


World Records:

Spencer (Helen Trippe, Amanda Heath, Esther Iseppi, Diane Ford) Women’s 4x100m Freestyle, Women’s 280+, 6:31

Jane Asher (Kings Cormorant) 200m Freestyle, 91-95, 3:52.96


Top 10 Team Points

1)      Silver City Blues – 404

2)      Spencer – 292

3)      Aberdeen Dolphin – 278

4)      Preston – 175

5)      Tigersharks – 171

6)      Trafford Met – 146

7)      Otter – 142

8)      Barnet – 130

9)      Warrender Baths – 114

10)   Woking – 102



Results can be found on the Swim Scotland website HERE.