Saturday, June 18, 2022

Masters swimmers continue record breaking time in Aberdeen

We were treated to another superb day of racing at the British Masters Championships in Aberdeen where another 25 records were broken with new World, European and British best times set.

Woking swimmer, Michael Hodgson, has three European Records and two British Records (55-59) to his name so far this weekend, his latest coming in the 50m butterfly (European Record), 100m breaststroke and 50m backstroke (British Records). He said of his performances so far,

“It’s good to be swimming fast again, it’s been a bit of a long haul back after the pandemic took effect. I’m swimming well this week, there are great facilities here and I’m loving it.” 

Speaking about the enforced time out over the past couple of years, he continued,

“I took a bit of a break during the pandemic, did some tick-over type stuff in the gym, things like that, and then decided to hit it hard when the pools reopened again. We moved Club in Woking, set up a new club there for Masters and that’s working well. There are a great group of individuals, and more people are wanting to join which is fantastic.”

Harrogate swimmer, Julie Hoyle enjoyed another successful day. She was part of the Mixed 4x200m freestyle relay (X240) who along with team-mates Stephen Allen, Karen Graham and Nicholas Parkes broke the World Record in 9:49.76. In her individual 200m backstroke race, she broke the European Record (60-64), with a time of 2:46.79. 

Another World Record breaking swimmer in action was the unstoppable Jane Asher (King’s Cormorants). The 91 year-old, who holds 21 World Records across a number of age groups, broke her own 100m freestyle record with a time of 1:46.18. 

Greg Kahn of Spencer Swim Team is also enjoying a strong meet with two individual British Records and a relay World Record to his name from day one. Today’s efforts were awarded with a British Record for 50m backstroke (50-54) in the lead off leg of the relay for which he posted 29.13 and then lowered it again to 29.06 in the lead off for his next relay, for which the team from Spencer equalled the European Record (X240, 4x50m medley). He said, 

“I’m very happy with what I’ve done, although my first race was shocking. I wanted to go home after the first 100 backstroke, it was the first one I’d done since I swam in Gwangju in 2019. But every race seems to be getting better, my 50 back was faster than I thought I’d go so I’m quite happy and the pool here in Aberdeen is fantastic. 

“When I joined Spencer five or six years ago Amanda (Heath) promised me a world record. I had some British Records but she said she’d get me a world record one day and I got that yesterday. She emailed me and said we had a chance if I did a 1:03 for 100 back. The first 100 I did individually I was 1:05 so I was a bit embarrassed. Then I managed a 1:03 and Esther and Clive did what they needed to do, and Amanda herself is just an inspiration. 

“Swimming is an incredible sport. If you can stay strong you can perform for many years, but the secret is to stay strong.”

Records broken on day two were:

World Records:

Jane Asher (King’s Cormorants) 100m freestyle (90-94) 1:46.18

Mixed 4x200m freestyle relay (Harrogate X240 – Stephen Allen, Julie Hoyle, Karen Graham, Nicholas Parkes) 9:49.76                                                                                                                                       

European Records

Alec Johnson (Trafford Metro) 50m backstroke (60-64) 31.18

Julie Hoyle (Harrogate) 200m backstroke (60-64) 2:46.79

Michael Hodgson (Woking) 50m butterfly (55-59) 27.02

Lindsey Gowland (Black Country & Potteries) 50m butterfly (65-69) 35.27

Elizabeth Wooner (Team Anglia) 50m butterfly (55-59) 31.36

Helen Gorman (City of Cardiff) 200m IM (50-54) 2:33.61

Mixed 4x50m medley relay (Spencer Swim Team X240 – Greg Khan, Amanda Heath, Clive Benson, Esther Iseppi) 2:13.19 (equalled existing record)

British Records

Michael Hodgson (Woking) 100m breaststroke (55-59) 1:11.87

Amanda Heath (Spencer Swim Team) 100m breaststroke (65-69) 1:30.52

Greg Kahn (Spencer Swim Team) 50m backstroke (50-54) 29.13 (lead off leg in relay)

Dominic Wooldridge (Exeter University) 200m butterfly (25-29) 2:09.39

Amanda Heath (Spencer Swim Team) 200m butterfly (65-69) 3:28.48

*Lindsey Gowland (Black Country & Potteries) 100m freestyle (65-69) 1:14.13

Alyson Fordham (Bishop Stortford) 100m freestyle (65-69) 1:10.53

Michael Hodgson (Woking) 50m backstroke (55-59) 30.29

Victoria Reading (Northampton) 50m backstroke (35-39) 31.11

Amanda Heath (Spencer Swim Team) 200m backstroke (65-69) 3:14.31

Alec Johnson (Trafford Metro) 50m butterfly (60-64) 28.65

Judith Pearson (Gateshead & Whickham) 50m butterfly (60-64) 33.00

David Bryant (Woking) 200m IM (60-64) 2:37.03

Men’s 4x50m medley relay (Warrender Baths Club M240 – Jason Kenney, Mark Jones, Ian McKay, Keith Johnston) 2:11.42

Women’s 4x100m freestyle relay (Gateshead & Whickham W240 – Judith Pearson, Verity Dobbie, Joan Edwards, Nuala Muir-Cochrane) 5:01.47

Mixed 4x50m medley relay (Spencer Swim Team X240 – Greg Khan, Amanda Heath, Clive Benson, Esther Iseppi) 2:13.19

*Broke record before it was broken again the next heat.

The draft programme for the event can be found HERE.

Results will be on the Swim Scotland website HERE.