Becoming a Master

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Are you looking for an activity that welcomes all ages and abilities? Something that not only improves health and fitness but also builds friendships for life? Try masters swimming.

Masters clubs are more than just swimming! With clubs all over the country it is a great way to socialise with others. There is no need to plough up and down the lanes on your own. Join a club and swim with others, or even give open water or water polo a go. Enjoy the merit of being coached as part of a group.

Whatever your ambition is, purely for fun or to be competitive, masters clubs are the place to go. You don’t need to be an ex-competitive swimmer to become a masters swimmer. Whatever your motivation, masters clubs and sessions are all about improving your stroke and breathing technique, while also improving your fitness and providing a serious workout. You can start at any given age; Swimming is a sport for life.

Masters clubs welcome members over 25, and most encourage members from 18 years and upwards. At Scottish Swimming we can help you find an accredited club and hopefully introduce you to one with which you’ll have a lifelong association. Click on our Masters Clubs section to find out which masters clubs are near you!

Do you want to set yourself a great challenge? You don’t have to, but if you do choose to compete, you will be able to swim at the highest level against your peers. Joining a club means you can participate at a club and local level in Scotland and Britain, all the way up to European and World level.

Masters swimming allows you to compete against your peers in every age group over the age of 25. Each event has different segments for different ages. Even if you are under 25, many events now have categories for those aged 18-24 years. Everyone is welcome to take part!

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"I swim three times a week and we try to keep the session simple, so ten minutes warm up, then 1000m of one stroke followed by 2000m of another. It is so much more fun than running." - Jason, 42

"There is obviously something about being in the water. It just clears your mind, you just get on with a set and you don't have to think about anything else, which makes you feel so much better." - Janet, 42

"I entered my first ever swimming competition and won my age group. I was stunned by the result!" - Andy, 35

"There's no structure when you're on your own. Here you get told what to do and there's a good mix of people and everyone is just so passionate about their swimming." - Kayrine, 21

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