Improve Your Swimming

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Swimming is a skill that’s useful in many areas of your life – it’s a skill that may save your life one day, it can help you get fit, it’s a great hobby to enjoy with friends and it’s a wonderful way to enjoy spending time with your family – whether in a pool on holiday or on a lazy Saturday morning followed by lunch! 

Learning to swim is just one step on the path (or should that be stroke in the pool!) – just like any skill, you can get better at it.  And just like golf, ballroom dancing or cooking, it’s a skill that gets better faster if you’ve got some expert help along the way.

At Scottish Swimming, we can help you become a better swimmer.  From improving your swimming strokes, learning new ones, gliding faster through the water and picking the right equipment to do it well, we can help.  

We can do this through in person advice and lessons at your local pool, or we’ve got a selection of guides and videos offering advice on everything from your front crawl to your eating habits.

We’re delighted that you’re looking to become a better swimmer and here at Scottish Swimming we’re here to help, whenever you are looking to get a set programme to improve fitness, develop your technique to become more efficient or find a group to help you stay motivated.  

You'll find details of your nearest facility in our "pool finder" at the bottom of this page.

When I first started coming here a year ago I could barely swim
eight lengths and I was feeling my age. Now I walk faster, I’m a
bit thinner and you learn how to breathe better, and we meet
a lot of nice people here.
Betty 74